Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Still Waiting...See Breaking News!!!

First up - let me say that I am extraordinarily grateful that my solicitors are taking EVERY step possible to ensure that we are protected in this purchase and that we have everything done properly.

But, (you knew that was coming didn't you?)

Enough already!!

I have finished work (a while ago actually), I am READY to move!!

We have not been sitting around waiting for the move to happen either!!  Every day is spent either packing, purchasing items that will be needed for the renovation, or taking said items up to Swan Hill!  We have done a few trips up and back in one day.


We signed our contracts this afternoon!!  FINALLY!!  Woo Hoo!!  (Tuesday)

SO excited to be finally getting really ready to do this!!

Now to work out the logistics on how this will happen!!  Roman and the girls can't leave Melbourne now until next week, and I need to be there for settlement (7days before and 7days after is the training requirement - that will all need to happen after now!!)

Today (Wednesday) Roman and I will be going back to Fowles (seems to be our favourite place right now!!)  We have been so blessed to have been in the right place (Fowles) at the right time for a great number of bargains!!  We have been bidding on items that we will need for the house and the more urgent items that need to be done at Hilltop Resort.  So far we have been very lucky in what we have managed to get!!  We managed to get a fridge for the camp kitchen - so those of you that will be staying with us and camping or caravanning can put some items in our new fridge!!

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will need to arrange a bit of a clean up here, leave lists for the girls and finalise my FSS Food Safety Manual - required by council.  Then I will probably drive up to Swan Hill on early Friday morning, meeting the bank onsite in the afternoon so that they can install my credit card eftpos machine.  Then I won't have to turn away anyone that doesn't have cash on them!!! 
(This is Very Important!!)

Installing days of the week into my ramblings is not usual - I stopped writing after breaking the news and got up early this morning and finished writing!!

I'll post this short missive now and do the next update when I am in Swan Hill (little squeal)


  1. Good luck and I hope you get all the things done on your list/s that you want/need to get done. I hate waiting too (dh is looking for a new job interstate) and I too will be glad when it is sorted so we can move on to the next part of life.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW